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David Perdue - Chairman, National Commission on Adult Literacy; former Chairman and CEO (retired June 2007), Dollar General Corporation; currently establishing a retail business in India.
Morton Bahr - President Emeritus, Communications Workers of America.  
Hon. Gerald Baliles - Director, The Miller Center of Public Affairs, University of Virginia; former Governor of Virginia.  
David Beré - President, and Chief Operating Officer, Dollar General Corporation  
Bob Bickerton - Senior Associate Commissioner of Education for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; Past President National Council of State Directors of Adult Basic Education.  
Sherrie Claiborne - Chair, Public Policy, Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE), and past president; COABE representative to and president of National Coalition for Literacy.  
Marion Crain - Director, Center on Poverty, Work, and Opportunity, University of North Carolina.  
John Comings - Director, National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University.  
Sharon Darling - President and Founder, National Center for Family Literacy.  
Samuel Halperin - Senior Fellow & Founder, American Youth Policy Forum and Institute for Educational Leadership; Director of William T. Grant Foundation studies of non-college-bound youth, “The Forgotten Half.”  
Paul Harrington - President and CEO, Reebok International, Ltd. (as of July 1st, President & CEO, Eastern-Bell Sports)
George Kessinger - President and CEO, Goodwill Industries International, Inc.  
Cheryl D. King (Study Director) - Former Deputy Secretary and Commissioner of Adult Education and Workforce Development in Kentucky (as of July 1st, President, Kentucky Wesleyan College)  
Bridget Lamont - Vice Chair, U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science; Past Chair and current member, Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board.  
Hon. Ray Marshall - Rapoport Centennial Chair in Economics and Public Affairs, University of Texas (Austin); U.S. Secretary of Labor (Carter); Member, National Skills Standards Board and Advisory Commission on Labor Diplomacy (Clinton); Co-chair, Commission on Skills of the American Workforce and of New Commission on Skills of the American Workforce in a Global Economy.  
Gail Mellow - President, LaGuardia Community College; On many national higher education boards and commissions; Gubernatorial appointee to New Jersey State Employment and Training Commission; Member, New Jersey Commission on Higher Education and Technology.  
Owen Modeland - President, Correctional Education Association (incoming); Superintendent of Schools, Oklahoma Department of Corrections.  
Mark Musick - James Quillen Chair, East Tennessee State University; President Emeritus, Southern Regional Education Board (SREB); Chaired Board of National Assessment of Educational Progress under three presidents.  
Karen Narasaki - President, Asian American Justice Center; Vice Chair Leadership Conference on Civil Rights; Vice President of Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform; Recipient of award of the Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus.  
Juan Olivarez - President, Grand Rapids Community College; member, Board of National Institute for Literacy, Member Kent and Allegan (MI) Workforce Development Boards; Gov. Jennifer Granholm appointee to Cherry Commission of Higher Education and Economic Growth (as of July 1st, President/CEO of the Kalamazoo Community Foundation).  
Camille Preus - Commissioner, Oregon Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development; recent President, National Council on State Directors of Community Colleges; Chair-elect Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education.  
Hon. Tom Sawyer - Ohio State Senator; Former member U.S. House of Representatives (OH); Author, National Literacy Act of 1991; Former Mayor of Akron, OH; Extensive Congressional role in tracking U.S. and world demographic trends and applying them to policy and program purposes.  
Hon. George M. Staples - Director General of U.S. Foreign Service and Assistant Secretary for Human Resources, U.S. Department of State (retired July 2007); Former political advisor to the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) at NATO in Belgium; Former U.S. ambassador to many countries.  
Gail Spangenberg (Project Manager) - President and Founder, Council for Advancement of Adult Literacy; Former Operating Head, Business Council for Effective Literacy.  
Andrew Sum - Professor of Labor Economics, Director of Center for Labor Market Studies, Northeastern University; National leader in labor market research related to adult literacy.  
Robert Wedgeworth - Past President & CEO, Proliteracy Worldwide (retired June 2007); Former President, American Library Association; A leader in creating the National Coalition for Literacy in its original form.  
William White - President and Chairman, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation; Leads Mott’s pioneering work in community education. Member, President Ronald Reagan’s Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives; Observer, Carter Center’s Delegation to the Palestinian Elections.  


David Baldacci - Author of 13 best-selling novels, translated into 38 languages and sold in more than 80 countries; Playwright; National ambassador for various charities, including the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy; Lawyer, trial and corporate law.  
Alfredo G. de los Santos, Jr. - Distinguished Professor, Hispanic Research Center, Arizona State University; Recipient, Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education; Board Member, Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching.  
Thomas J. Donohue - President and CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce (since 1997); established the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform; served for 13 years as President and CEO of the American Trucking Associations.
Hon. Ruth Ann Minner - Governor, State of Delaware.  
Hon. Richard Riley - Partner, Nelson, Mullins, Riley, and Scarborough; Secretary of Education in Clinton Administration; Former Governor, South Carolina; Recipient Harold W. McGraw Jr. Education Prize for national leadership.  
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